Some of my more popular sizes and options are listed below. Please note that pricing will be updated from time to time as the lab changes its prices. Prices listed below are subject to applicable sales tax and shipping and handling costs.

Keepsake USB Drives
Beautifully-printed custom wooden USB drives that feature a photograph from your session in a custom presentation box are available for $75. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

All prints are fulfilled through a professional lab and shipped directly to you. Prices below are for the standard "lustre" finish, but other finishes are available.

  • Wallets (8 included): $8.00
  • 4" × 6": $3.00
  • 5" × 7": $5.00
  • 8" × 10": $9.00
  • 11" × 14": $18.00
  • 16" × 20": $58.00

Many other sizes, as well as gallery wraps and various photo products, are available. Please let me know if you are looking for a specific size or finish.

Why buy professional prints?
Oh boy, I get that question a lot as so many photographers are moving to providing digital files. For photography that you plan to cherish for a lifetime, I recommend being as choosy about the quality of your prints as the quality of your photographer. Another photographer wrote a great blog post that shows the differences among various big box retailers, drug stores, and professional lab prints: Pro prints vs. drugstore does matter!